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dc.description.abstractWho are the people in the Netherlands with an active interest in cultural heritage and the performing arts, and who prefer to leave these forms of culture alone? Have the size and composition of the groups of 'culture-lovers' and 'culture-leavers' changed since the end of the 1970s? These are the central questions in this concise descriptive study. It considers not only visits to cultural institutions such as museums and concert halls, but also the consumption of culture via the media and active cultural participation through the amateur arts. Trends in total participation are presented against the background of continuity and change in cultural output. More women than men have an interest in cultural activity, and more better-educated than less well-educated people. The level of cultural interest among the better-educated has declined, but thanks to the rising education level this has not (yet?) been translated into a lower overall level of cultural interest. Among middle-aged people, the main growth area has been in their interest in popular culture. At the end of this report a number of scenarios from earlier studies on the position of culture in the midst of increasing competition for people's leisure time are subjected to scrutiny.
dc.titleCulture-lovers and Culture-leavers
dc.title.alternativeTrends in interest in the arts and cultural heritage in the Netherlands

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