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dc.description.abstractImmigration and integration have been important topics in Dutch society and politics in recent years. Problems and experiences abroad have been looked at on a few occasions, but generally this went no further than the neighbouring countries, and the European dimensions of the phenomena received little or no attention. As far as possible, this European Outlook describes the situation throughout the European Union, in both old and new member states, and also examines the policy perspectives at European level. Demographic, economic and sociological aspects of migration and the activity rate of immigrants in the member states of the European Union (and occasionally also Australia, Canada and the United States) are examined in this European Outlook. On the one hand this helps put into perspective what in recent years has often been seen in the Netherlands as a specifically national problem, while at the same time shedding light on developments that could be relevant for policy in the Netherlands. As in European Outlook 1 (CPB/SCP, 2003), the need for and desirability of more common European policy is analysed, this time in relation to immigration, asylum and integration.
dc.titleDestination Europe
dc.title.alternativeImmigration and Integration in the European Union

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Destination Europe

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